Our team includes 2 partners and 17 associates most of whom are fully qualified as legal counselors and tax advisors. The majority of the associates have between 5 to 10 years of experience gained in top international law and consulting organizations. The members of the team are fluent in English, Spanish, German or Russian and through personal circumstances are also deeply intimate with the cultures of those countries. We are able to provide services in all those languages and experienced in anticipating and avoiding the cultural clashes which may occur in cross border projects.

Krzysztof Stefanowicz – legal adviser from 1990. Graduated in from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, in 1978 he passed with honors state exams for judge position and in 1987 – Juris Doctor. During the years of 1978 – 2004 Krzysztof Stefanowicz was a lecturer at the University of Warsaw together with the Capital University Columbus w Ohio, USA. Krzysztof Stefanowicz is an author of many law publications and articles. He is a member of many prestigious associations as International Bar Association and ITech Law Association. He is a member of Polish Association of Law Employers.  Also he is an arbitrator at the Arbitration Court at Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza in Warsaw and the Arbitration Court at KKPP Lewiatan.

Krzysztof Stefanowicz was a partner at Hogan & Harston law firm. Then for eleven years he has been a partner at Salans law firm. He is internationally recognized expert in Telecom & IT law. He has a deep knowledge and experience in Telecom & IT projects, arbitration and M&A. Krzysztof speaks English and Russian. 

Stolarek & Grabalski Kancelaria Prawnicza sp. k.
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